Robbery Prevention

For Business Owners & Managers

  • For convenience stores and gas stations, keep the front window clear of advertisements to allow the public and the police easy viewing into the business.
  • Keep the interior and front of the business well lit.
  • All rear and side doors should be kept locked at all times.
  • Avoid routine procedures that could be observed by a would-be robber.
  • Keep cash on the premises and cash exposure to the lowest level possible.
  • Vary the route and time of day that bank deposits are made.
  • Does the business have a policy on robberies, and are all employees familiar with that policy?
  • If the business uses "CCTV" or video surveillance, are the cameras turned on? If the business has a hold up alarm, can it be activated safely?

For anyone who is involved in a robbery

Most robberies result with no injury to any of the victims as long as you comply with the robber's demands. Do exactly as you are instructed and if you don't understand a directive, ask for clarification.

Try to remain calm and be the best witness you can. Try to remember the physical features and also the clothing, especially the footwear. If you can obtain a vehicle description and license plate number without leaving the business or home, please do so. Lock the door after the robber leaves. If there are other people inside, separate them and have each person write down a description of the robber. Tell everyone not to discuss the incident until Police arrive.

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