Trick or Treat Safely

City of Janesville Trick or Treat hours are 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. on Halloween evening (October 31). Please leave a front porch light on if you wish to be visited by trick-or-treaters. Following are a few safety tips for trick-or-treaters. General Safety

  • Plan your route with your family ahead of time. Pick streets that are well lit and in your own neighborhood. Parents should provide a watch and indicate a time children should return home.
  • Trick-or-Treat with a parent, older sibling, or with a group of children if someone older can't go with you.
  • Children should go only to houses where the porch lights are on, and never go into a house. Children should walk from house to house - NEVER RUN!
  • Children should carry a flashlight after dark.

Costume Safety

  • Wear a costume that fits and makes it easy for you to walk. Strips of reflective tape or light-colored costumes will make you more visible.
  • Parents should attach name, address and phone number to sleeves of young children in case they become lost or separated from their group.
  • A face mask may keep you from seeing well. Why not use face makeup instead? If you must wear a face mask, take it off before you cross a street.

Traffic Safety

  • If a child has to cross the street, they should cross at a crosswalk or corner, not mid-block and never between parked cars. Look both ways before crossing and be alert for cars turning at intersections.
  • Children should stay on the sidewalks. If there are no sidewalks, they should walk with the road on their right.
  • If someone drives when you trick-or-treat, buckle up every time you get into the car - even if it is only a few blocks.

Treat Safety

  • Children should not eat treats until they return home and the treats are inspected by parents.
  • Fruit should be cut and washed before it is eaten.
  • Candy wrappers should be checked for tampering. Do not eat anything that is not wrapped or appears to be tampered with. If in doubt, throw it away.
  • Report any evidence of tampering to the Police Department.
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